Elect Rebecca Boonstra for Whatcom County Council, District 3

MAPLE FALLS – Rebecca Boonstra, a resident of the newly established Council District 3, has announced today that she is running for a seat on the Whatcom County Council.

“I’ve spent many years working on community development projects in the Mt. Baker Foothills and I’m ready to bring my skills and perspective to the greater Whatcom County community.”

Rebecca has,worked in a number of capacities in the Foothills over the years. She is the Executive Director of the Mt. Baker Chamber of Commerce and was recently elected to the Board of Commissioners of the Columbia Valley Parks and Recreation District. She is the Chair of the East Whatcom Community Council and also serves on the Board of Directors of the Opportunity Council.

Having spent over 10 years working in the Visitor Center in Maple Falls, Rebecca is aware of the assets and untapped potential the Foothills and Lakes can contribute to the County. She is interested in preserving the beauty and wonder of these areas while providing access to them to visitors and residents of the County. “There are so many beautiful places for people to recreate and enjoy. I want to help provide and promote access in order to increase the number of visitors and help make tourism a successful, job-creating industry in the County.”

The newly established County District 3 contains many diverse communities, none of which are represented by a city. Rebecca looks forward to listening to residents from around the district to hear what they find special about Whatcom County and what improvements should be prioritized.

Rebecca lives in the Columbia Valley Urban Growth Area and is aware of the need for support from the County in an area that feels distant from decision makers. “This new district is home to many of our county’s most beautiful areas – Glacier, the South Fork Valley, Lake Whatcom, Lake Samish and the Chuckanuts – these neighborhoods are the gems of Whatcom County yet the people who live here sometimes feel unrepresented by the County Council. As someone who lives and works in the new Foothills and Lakes district, I would be able to provide a voice to this large area and serve as a direct link to our community at the county level.”